Press Quotes for Planets

One Ring Zero - Planets

“Brooklyn brain-popper One Ring Zero’s latest album Planets is a reboot of Gustav Holst’s legendary orchestral suite The Planets for the 21st century. But its view on Pluto’s demotion from planetary status is purely 20th century.” –Wired Magazine

“While some bands are busy competing to see whose jeans are the skinniest, the guys in One Ring Zero march to the sound of their own accordion.”
Air & Space Smithsonian

“Eclectic New York band One Ring Zero has a history of producing interesting concept albums: their last, As Smart As We Are, featured lyrics from famed authors including SciFri favorite Margaret Atwood. ORZ’s new album, Planets, is based on our very own solar system: there’s a song for every planet, and then some.” –NPR’s Science Friday

“This is the Brooklyn band’s eighth album and is perfect summer chill out listening and a great background soundtrack to pondering the vast universe, too.” –Cosmos Magazine

“The group’s latest album, Planets, devotes a song to each of the solar system’s planets—Pluto is included—before venturing farther afield to close the album with an instrumental track, “Exoplanets.” – Scientific American

“…the smartie-pants musical duo of Michael Hearst and Joshua Camp decided to mark the occasion a touch early with a much more science-based tribute to our solar system.” –National Geographic

“All the planets—and dwarf planet Pluto, too—get a nod, as do Jupiter’s myriad moons and the exoplanets. Even without subject matter so close to DISCOVER’s heart, Planets would still be a plain old good listen.”
Discover Magazine

“ORZ’s music turns out to have deep connections to NASA and its mission to understand and appreciate the universe.” –NASA Goddard website