Addendum DVD

A Collection of One Ring Zero Music Videos Made by the General Public!

In the fall of 2004, the following was posted on the One Ring Zero website:

“Dear filmmakers, One Ring Zero plans to release a DVD in the next six to eight months consisting of various music videos. The project is open to the general public. There are no specific rules. It can be shot on super eight, 32mm, DV, anything . . . and we don’t need to be in it. You can use any song from any of our albums, so long as it hasn’t already been taken.”

The plan was that simple. Much to One Ring Zero’s surprise, by the time the deadline rolled around, twenty videos had arrived featuring a variety of styles, techniques, and interpretations by several amateur and professional directors. Since the majority of songs chosen came from One Ring Zero’s last CD, As Smart As We Are, (an album of songs with lyrics written for the band by well-known authors) the idea of pairing the CD with an open call for music videos seemed especially fitting. And so “Addendum” was born.

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“The Ghost Of Rita Gonzolo”
Video Sample

“The Story Of The Hairy Call”
Video Sample

“The Airplane”
Video Sample

Video Sample

1. The Ghost Of Rita Gonzolo (As Smart As We Are)
   directed by Shaun Irons & Lauren Petty
   lyrics by Dave Eggers

2. Radio (As Smart As We Are)
   directed by Kirk Johnson
   lyrics by Daniel Handler

3. Blessing (As Smart As We Are)
   directed by Gabriel Judet-Weinshel
   lyrics by Denis Johnson

4. Afrodo (Memorandum)
   directed by Jason Akira Somma

5. Half and Half (As Smart As We Are)
   directed by David Teague
   lyrics by Clay McLeod Chapman

6. The Airplane (Tranz Party)
   directed by Richard Sebastian

7. Snow (As Smart As We Are)
   directed by A.J. Mascena
   lyrics by A.M. Homes

8. The Wandering Dance (Memorandum)
   directed by Matt Flowers & Kevin Gallagher

9. The Story of the Hairy Call (As Smart As We Are)
   directed by Gus D’Angelo & Jennifer M. Kroot
   lyrics by Jonathan Ames

10. Frankenstein Monster Song (As Smart As We Are)
   directed by Olivier Conan
   lyrics by Margaret Atwood

11. Water (As Smart As We Are)
   directed by Esther Bell
   lyrics by Jonathan Lethem

12. Stop Metric Madness (Memorandum)
   directed by Brian Biggs

13. The Long Day (Tranz Party)
   directed by Jill Sand

14. Honku (As Smart As We Are)
   directed by Megan Toller
   lyrics by Aaron Naparstek

15. We Both Have A Feeling That You Still Want Me (As Smart As We Are)
   directed by Matthew Lancit & Luke Stettner
   lyrics by Darin Strauss

16. On The Wall (As Smart As We Are)
   directed by Lisa Nelson
   lyrics by Neil Gaiman

17. Natty Man Blues (As Smart As We Are)
   directed by Shaun Irons & Lauren Petty
   lyrics by Paul Auster

18. Kiss Me, You Brat (As Smart As We Are)
   directed by Justin Noga
   lyrics by Rick Moody

19. Roll A Deuce (Memorandum)
   directed by Jesse Peters

20. All About House Plants (As Smart As We Are)
   Bill Byrne
   lyrics by Amy Fusselman

21. MC (iTunes exclusive)
   directed by Skizz Cyzyck
   lyrics by Michael Chabon

Running time 69 minutes… lots and lots of bonus material!   NOT RATED

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