One Ring Zero’s ethno-pop could have been played in the background of a Balkan-embassy party in the 1930s, but that’s not all there is to the band: The songs on its ambitious As Smart As We Are-which features lyrics by literary figures including Paul Auster, Rick Moody and Margaret Atwood-touch on They Might Be Giants whimsy, Residents-style unease, Tom Waits clank and Marianne Faithful melancholy. Time Out New York

I HAVE A CRUSH ON ONE RING ZERO, with their tweed sport coats and ties and tattered sneakers, their smarty-pants patter and killer acid-klezmer ways, and their theremin, claviola, and “other noises,” oh my! Their forthcoming album, AS SMART AS WE ARE, births the equation Atwood + Auster + Eggers + Lethem + Moody and the like + One Ring Zero = A BEAUTIFUL SHEBANG OF LITERARY AND AURAL MISCHIEF. The Village Voice

Accordions, organs, theremins, and the occasional brass horn and homemade instrument combine to make soundscapes that are both haunting and entertaining. The New Yorker

Hearst and Camp have not only embraced their “lit rock” reputation but seem primed to become the movement’s indisputable kings. The Boston Globe

Your coolness quotient shoots up a few points if you’re in the know about One Ring Zero.The Washington Post

…gypsy-klezmer circus-flea-cartoon-music you mainly hear in your dreams The Forward

Nino Rota on processed sugar The Brooklyn Rail

…never mind the Billboard charts, these guys ought to be on the Times bestseller list. The Boston Phoenix

They are the sounds of a circus parade passing through a cemetery Richmond Music Journal

Jewish wedding music played by ghosts and goblins, a buzzingly angular Balkan soundscape.. Throttle Magazine

…unique and irresistible Middle Eastern circus music. Style Weekly

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